Club Fees and Registration

Swimming Pool

To register with our club, please visit, and search for Red Deer Masters. All registration is done throught that site and you MUST be registered to be able to swim with us.

Or simply use the button below

Session Type
Flat Fee + -->
Full Season
Half Season
1 Day a week
$ 100.00
$ 320.00
$ 195.00
3 Days a week - Afternoons
$ 100.00
$ 480.00
$ 280.00
3 Days a week - Evenings
$ 100.00
$ 580.00
$ 325.00


The Flat fee covers Swim AB membership and other fixed overhead fees. This fee is non refundable. The session fees are additional and may be refundable on a pro-rated basis as per our by-laws.

Mid Season start

Please contact us for mid or partial season session fees. These are typically done on a pro-rated session fee.